September 2019


Words cannot adequately express my thanks for the warm welcome that you have extended to my family and me. We are so excited to be here in Rocky Mount, and I am especially pleased to begin serving the church this month. I have many ideas that I am eager to refine and adapt as I listen and learn about the rich history, hopes, and concerns for First Presbyterian Church.

September brings the hope of cooler fall weather, the wonder of empty school notebooks with future journal entries and notes, and the excitement of Rally Day! The new beginning in the air is not just for the Baker family and the school year. Rather, this Rally Day is a great chance to recommit to the church, the Sunday morning ritual, and the risen Christ. As the new pastor, I don’t know who has been an every Sunday attender and who has just come back to the church after some time away. This September can mark a new beginning for anyone and everyone who wishes to redefine their commitment to the church. It is my hope that the warm welcome and excitement that have been extended to my family would also be extended to folks who are using this autumnal transition as a time to rejoin the community of faith at FPCRM.

I am beyond impressed by the commitment and skill of the church staff. I am indebted to the PNC for their graciousness in the call process. I can feel the

excitement and hope surrounding the church session. There is so much to commend and celebrate; it is evident that the Spirit of God is working in wonderful ways all around this church and this community. I am thrilled to walk alongside you, lead you, learn from you, and follow in the footsteps of our Lord, Jesus the Christ.

In Christ,