May 2020



     You have been more than gracious as we all struggle through a season without a discernable end point. Thank you for your kind words about the staff’s dedication. Thank you for your thoughtful emails and texts about the worship service. Thank you for choosing hope as your attitude regarding church this year.


     I know that we have members who have lost loved ones, jobs, time, and resources to this pandemic. We have members in the medical and first responder fields who put the needs of the community above their own. We have families abiding by the recommendations of the CDC and living with social-distance induced anxiety and depression for the sake of communal health. As a church, we must all pray for one another and the battles before each and every one of us.


     Your church leadership will continue to produce worship services for home participation. We are investing time and resources to increase the quality, so that your home worship time can be as meaningful as possible. Again, thank you for your grace as we’ve moved from a Sunday devotional on week 1 to hymns with lyrics and other participatory elements in our more recent services.


    In very exciting news, the APNC is moving forward with hope as they interview candidates and prepare for on-site visits as soon as possible. I’m thrilled with their commitment to the process and their thoughtful conversations on behalf of the church. It is possible that we could have someone in place before the autumn.


     Together, we will continue to work, experiment, learn, and grow in order to love God and neighbor. God bless each of you!


     With love and gratitude,



April 2020

Dear Friends,


Thank you to everyone who helped make Easter so special this year. I thank Jim, Jennie, and the choral scholars for the music; Partha for the Easter flower arrangement; all who helped procure and deliver lilies to people; and the many people who watched the service and sent kind notes to us. I know we all want to gather together and share hugs,  stories, and laughter again; thank you for the ways that you are respecting the need for social distancing during this time.

Things around the church are far too quiet. We miss the energy and noise from “Kiddos in the Kirk” and the fellowship of Brown Bag, Wednesday Nights, and unexpected drop-ins. Mostly, we miss you. You are the church! I hope that you are finding ways to be the church in action during our time apart from one another. I pray that there are meaningful moments for you to encounter God and God’s work among us.

You are all in my prayers during this season of rest and unrest, and as always- please reach out if I can be of support to you or your family.


With Love and thanks,