July 2020

Dear Friends,


Thank you for your expressions of concern after my recent bout with health problems. I believe I’m on the mend and headed in a better direction for health and well-being.

I’d like to highlight wonderful news all around the church. I am not trying to dodge the severity of the pandemic, the struggle for racial justice and peace, or the crises infecting so many facets of life. Rather, I am hoping to provide some rays of light in which you can bask. (Also, given the rate at which the news cycle changes, please know that this is being written on June 17.)

First, we were able to worship together on June 14 on the Soccer Field at RMA, and it was a wonderful and joyous time. We enjoyed the Lord’s Supper, laughed, shed a tear or two, and enjoyed a picturesque morning outside. Around 90 of us were able to gather, and it felt so wonderful to be together.

Second, we are looking at when and how we can worship in the sanctuary. Members of the Session are of very similar mind, and we are calling upon leaders in medical fields to help us develop plans, policies, and procedures for a modified return to communal worship. Please hold tight as we work to reenter in a proactive way.

Third, music is one of the most difficult elements of pandemic precautions. However, Jim, Jennie, and I are working together on Christmas plans, continuing musical offerings, and perhaps a special treat to be announced this autumn. We are studying and applying new ways to make sure that the power of music will not be lost during this season.

Fourth, the church is open for meetings both physical and virtual. If you want to get a group of people together for masked, socially distanced gatherings – please reach out to reserve a space and time at the church. We need one another, and your church is trying mightily to make connections a reality.

Fifth, (and most excitingly in my opinion) we will have another outdoor worship opportunity on July 12th.  We plan to gather on the front church lawn and side parking lot at 10:00 a.m., and the Session has called a congregational meeting during this service to introduce the new Community Pastor for FPC Rocky Mount. We will learn a bit about this amazing candidate and vote on terms of call.

Again, there is a lot of hurt and pain all around us.  If you need a bright spot in your walk of faith, I hope that these rays of light brighten your life.


With Love and Gratitude,