September 2020

Dear Friends,


By now you should have received the mailing with all the wonderful things happening around the church. Please know that YOU make these offerings wonderful. Without you- we are talking to a blank computer screen. Without you- communication and prayers are words in the wind. Without you- the church is only an idea. You bring the energy of the Holy Spirit when we gather together in person or on a screen.

September 1st marks my 1-year anniversary with FPC. It is beyond remarkable to think about the myriad of ways that the world has changed in that 1 year. We were planning large gatherings for Rally Day, Stewardship, and Christmas. We were building community by meeting around the church and gathering for worship in the sanctuary. We were getting to know each other with

coffee meetings, after church chats, and office visits.

While I miss ALL of that, my incredible team here at the church is helping me to focus on the amazing work that we can do in the midst of the world that exists. We don’t need to dwell on what was. We don’t need to obsess over what will be. We can only create the best possible today, given the parameters of the moment.

This is where I give praise to God for the gift of the Spirit. She moves in wonderfully flexible and mysterious ways. Whenever I get stuck in the dogma of tradition, I am reminded of the Spirit’s presence in creating something new.

I pray that you are all able to experience the Spirit’s guidance, pull, and love as you rejoice with us and reengage in new and exciting ways around our church.


With love and gratitude,