February 2021

Dear Friends,

I rearranged my office. It’s not much; I turned my desk, moved some books around, and added some art. It has changed my productivity, engagement, and attitude for the better. While I have no clue what “feng shui” is, I do know a little bit about perspective.

When Jesus came to earth, there was a radical shift of perspective. The poor and powerless were elevated to positions of strength. The lonely and outcast were brought into community. The sick and suffering were healed. A world that looked one way—looked totally different after Jesus’ ministry, life, death, resurrection, and ascension.

Our faith causes us to shift our perspective from the ways of this world to the ways of God’s Kingdom. We no longer see the world through the lens of enemies/friends, sinners/saints, broken/together, or us/them. Our Christian faith gives us the lens of love to look at folks through the perspective of Jesus.

Where is your perspective askew? What little changes can you make to help you look at the world differently? What needs rearranging in your life, so that you see new possibilities, opportunities, and kingdom moments?

As winter plods along, I pray that we are all able to find little ways to look at this world differently and experience a fresh perspective for God’s continuing work of making all things new.


With love and gratitude,