April 2021

Dear Church,

The first lesson that I taught our confirmation class was about faith. I explained that neither doubt nor sin are the opposite of faith. We all have seasons of doubt. We all struggle to believe everything all the time. In fact, a little skepticism is a very good thing in most of life. We all sin and fall short of God’s glory. We are all in need of    perpetual grace. Rather than doubt or sin, the opposite of faith is apathy, quitting.

As we move forward with yet another step toward a more open and traditional worship service, I want to thank all the people who kept the faith by staying engaged. Digital worship is NOT the same as being here in person. Rotations and reservation lists are miserable for those organizing them and applying to them. Designated seating can force us to be in part of the building that we find less worshipful. Nevertheless, many of you remain engaged! You kept the faith! Thank you!!!

There were things that we tried that utterly failed (hybrid classes). There were things that succeeded despite our skepticism to the contrary (outdoor children’s Christmas service). There have been unexpected benefits to digital worship (returning members), and there have been unanticipated setbacks along the way.

Our church never gave up. You never gave up. Together, we kept trying, evolving, shifting, and growing toward the new future that God is already creating in our midst. Right now, our efforts mandate 2 services; only God knows what it will look like next. We won’t stop listening, learning, growing, trying, failing, and ultimately succeeding. We will keep the faith!


With love and gratitude,