Moderator: The Rev. Matt Baker
Clerk: Mike Gaynor

Class of 2019

Marianne Farris, Chris Feno, Mike Gaynor, Winslow Rogers

Class of 2020

Katherine Fisher, Beth Turnage, Gordon Vestal, Andy Warner

Class of 2021

Diane Dixon, Julian Parks, Dee Whitley


Moderator: Frances Guerry
Vice-Moderator: Jean Kitchin
Secretary: Pam Gragg

Class of 2019

Heather Gardner, Frances Guerry, Jim Newton, James Tharin

Class of 2020

Rob Barnhill, Laura Dudley, Pam Gragg, Tim Hathaway

Class of 2021

John Etheredge, Jean Kitchin, Jay Quinan, Vivian Rogers (Youth Deacon)

Administrative Committee

Katherine Fisher, Chair

Dee Whitley

Christian Education Committee

Betsy McLean, Chair

Worship Committee

Beth Turnage, Chair
Marianne Farris

Outreach Committee

Diane Dixon, Chair

Property Committee

Gordon Vestal, Chair

Andy Warner

Stewardship Committee

Winslow Rogers, Chair

Julian Parks
Endowment Committee:  Randy Adams, Chair

Finance Committee

Russell Proctor, Chair

Endowment Committee

Randy Adams, Chair

Church Treasurer:  Julia Brown