Moderator: Preston Smith
Clerk: Mike Gaynor

Class of 2017

Joe Brown, Jr., Lige Daughtridge, Sonny Foster, Beth Steed

Class of 2018

Clif Hayworth, Mike Mosley, Nancy Richardson, and Kate Tharin

Class of 2019

Chris Feno, Mike Gaynor, Winslow Rogers, Kim Sutton


Moderator: Sylvia Phillips
Vice-Moderator: Gaye Moore
Secretary: Betsy McLean

Class of 2017

Martha Barnes, Chrissy Barnhill, Betsy McLean, and Sylvia Phillips

Class of 2018

Suzanne Buchanan, Pat Mauldin, Gaye Moore, and Christie Sondergard

Class of 2019

Heather Gardner, Frances Guerry, Jim Newton, James Tharin, Lauren Seale (1 year term)

Administrative Committee

Lige Daughtridge, Chair
Finance Committee:  Russell Proctor, Chair

Christian Education Committee

Kate Tharin, Chair

Finance Committee

Russell Proctor, Chair
Julia Brown, Treasurer
Randy Adams, Endowment Committee Chair

Outreach Committee

Nancy Richardson, Chair

Property Committee

Sonny Foster, Chair

Stewardship Committee

Joe Brown, Chair & All Elders
Endowment Committee:  Randy Adams, Chair