August 2022

Jesus surrounded himself with good friends. Peter, James, John, and the other disciples ministered to Jesus as Jesus ministered to the world. While they were far from perfect friends, the disciples were there with Jesus up to his betrayal, and they followed his teachings even after the ascension. I can’t imagine what a blessing they were to Jesus and his ministry.


I am so grateful for my friends, near and far. There are people who pray for me, minister to me, bless me, and check-in on me. There are people who genuinely care what’s going on in my life. I can reach out to these folks any time of day, and one of them will respond quickly and with love.


Part of the pastoral calling is to be a friend among our colleagues in ministry. Yes, this refers to other pastors and leaders in the church; it also refers to those who do ministry alongside us—YOU! You are colleagues in ministry and friends on this endeavor of faith. You are people to whom I can turn in times of trial and struggle. You are the people who rejoice with me when it is time to rejoice.


If I can be a friend to you, please don’t hesitate to call, text, or email me. If you’re needing someone to rejoice with you at some good news—I’m here. If you need someone to sit in the silence with you at the crossroads of life’s darker moments—I’m here.


We all need a friend sometimes, and I would love to be someone in your corner.


With love and gratitude,