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January 2018

New Beginnings   The New Year brings new beginnings. Renewal is a basic theme of our Christian faith.  We are given a chance to start all over and get it right.   This is a time of hope and change full of energy and resolve and, if we stick with it, we can see an improvement […]

December 2017

Advent Is Coming   Advent is coming!  Now, that may sound strange since the word Advent means “the Coming”. So, what we are saying is that The Coming is coming!  This year, Advent starts on December 3.  Many believe that is the beginning of the Christmas Season.  Certainly the retailers would like us to begin […]

November 2017

As many of you know, Judy and I were on vacation the first part of October.  Last spring, we made our schedule to visit family in San Diego and then spend a week attending concerts and touring the surrounding areas of Las Vegas.  Little did we know someone was going to create a tragedy by […]

October 2017

October brings a mixed bag of emotions for me.  I am mostly a warm weather person but I also like the fall.  Cool mornings that turn into comfortable days, changing leaves from green to gold, yellow and red, people gathering for tailgate parties, and kids getting off of the school bus laughing and shouting to […]

September 2017

     Here we are in September; this summer has really gone fast.  We stand on the edge of fall—new academic year, new Sunday School curriculum, Rally Day with church picnic, meeting new people or being reacquainted with people we haven’t seen for a while—time and life steadily goes on.       As I put […]

August 2017

Hot! Hot!  Every day I hear something about the hot weather.  I watch the weather forecast at least once and sometimes three times a day. “Everyone talks about the weather but no one does anything about it,” was contributed to Mark Twain.  However, research indicates that Charles Dudley Warner, editor at the Hartford Courant, may […]

July 2017

Each day upon waking up, I have an expectation of what my day may be like.  Breakfast, morning coffee with friends at a local watering hole, chores, hobbies, lunch and dinner with Judy, visiting grandchildren for ballgames and recitals, etc.  You too, have your expected daily routine.  Oops! Then life happens.  A dreaded phone call telling you […]

June 2017

At the recent Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Breakfast, our Children’s Ministry Coordinator, Lydia Wingo Kane, delivered a beautiful blessing and with her permission, a portion of it is being shared with you below.  No matter where you may find yourself during the summer months, whether near or far, facing new beginnings or endings, you can […]

May 2017

May marks a number of transitions and special events in the life of our congregation. On May 7, our youth will lead worship, and some of our seniors will preach. It’s one of my favorite Sundays of the year. That same Sunday is also the last day our choral scholars will be with us until […]

April 2017

The last Sunday of March marked a significant transition for First Presbyterian Church. We said farewell to the Duncan family and marked the end of Mary Kathleen’s nearly six years of ministry with us. So many wonderful people helped make the celebration possible, from preparing flower arrangements to cooking food, to presenting gifts, and more. […]