February 2020

Dear Friends,

Every pastor throughout history has lied to him or herself concerning the “Myth of January.” We think that the busyness of the Christmas season will ebb into a winter lull of rest, reading, and planning in January. One would think that we might have learned that this myth has no basis in reality, but we persist in believing it none-the-less.

It has been a remarkably productive January around our church. There is fresh exterior paint and sealant around the exterior of the building and multiple adjusted doors and items around the offices. We’ve upgraded a computer, laid carpet, renovated a bathroom, and installed more drinking water.

We’ve held events for the youth and children as well as the annual ski trip. We are planning for Lenten and Holy Week services. We trained officers for ordination and installation on February 2nd. The APNC is reviewing possible candidates for the Community Pastor. All of this and more helps us fulfill our mission in God’s kingdom.

I celebrate the wonderful work that we have been a part of during this past month, and I’m glad that this season has been full of energy and activity. I’m also hoping that this year will be the year when the “Myth of February” finally brings rest, reading, and planning. We’ll see!

As we look forward, I am eager to see us band together more and more to help our church proclaim the Gospel of Jesus. There are several places around our church that need your participation. We always have an open choir seat, quilt to sew, or committee to join. Thank you all for how you love and support our church and know that you are in my prayers.


Grace and Peace,