January 2018

New Beginnings


The New Year brings new beginnings. Renewal is a basic theme of our Christian faith.  We are given a chance to start all over and get it right.   This is a time of hope and change full of energy and resolve and, if we stick with it, we can see an improvement in our situation in life.  But this is a process that may bring some hard choices.


Giving up things may be the first step in positive change.  Creative destruction clears the way to a new opportunity in life.  Old decaying structures may need to be pulled down and removed before a new, energy efficient, earthquake resistant, and beautiful building can be erected. Sometimes we need to get rid of the bad habits before they can be replaced by good ones.


Sticking with the change is probably the hardest part.  How many New Year’s resolutions have come and gone unfulfilled because we couldn’t keep up the new good habit?  Perseverance was one of those things that Paul often wrote about- running the race, keeping your eye on the prize, and finishing with integrity.


Besides the same old resolutions of weight loss, better money management, and stronger relationships, how about your spiritual life?  What realistic positive changes can you make in this upcoming year to draw closer to God and your sisters and brothers in the faith?