June 2018

An Update on the Pastoral Search Process

In keeping the congregation informed, let me update you on where the search process is for your new pastor.  A Mission Study Review Committee has been appointed by the session.  A congregational survey has been circulated, compiled and the results are being reviewed.  The next step for the committee is to update the rest of the 2016 Mission Study for approval by the session and then the Committee on Ministry of New Hope Presbytery.  When the Committee on Ministry approves the Mission Study they will also give permission to form a Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC).  At that time a congregational meeting will be called and the Congregational Nominating Committee will offer the seven member Mission Study Committee as the PNC.  The congregation will be given the option of nominating from the floor additional members to this committee.  The PNC will work on the Ministry Information Form (MIF) which will be circulated and used to match candidates for the position.  The committee will be then ready to receive Personal Information Forms (PIF) and begin interviewing potential pastors.  I believe that the PNC will be interviewing ministers by the early fall.  When there are new developments, I will try to alert the congregation through the newsletter.