March 2021

Dear Friends,


Allow me to get straight to the point and share some of the highlights around FPC.

With the increased number of vaccinated members, the approach of Spring and warmer temperatures, and other positive developments in the country, Session is working on a new worship plan to begin in April. We want to move away from lists and reservations; we want to move toward a new beginning of open and welcoming worship.

Live stream worship is here to stay. Our digital worship has connected us to family, friends, shut-ins, vacationers, prospective members, and more. Even when we are fully back in worship together, we will continue to offer a digital option. To that end, we need your help. If you’d like to learn how to help enable that, please let me know!

The church is abuzz with activity. Presbyterian Women, art class, church business meetings, recording music, handbells, Bible Studies, Meals on Wheels, collections and distributions for community partners, confirmation and youth group, counseling and visits, and so much more happen every month. There are so many ways to connect in addition to worship; reach out if you are looking for an additional place to plug into the life of the church.

The Holy Spirit is moving and active all around our church. You are all in my prayers this Lent as we cultivate and let go, as we prepare to remember the cross, and as we eagerly anticipate celebrating the resurrection next month!


With love and gratitude,