May 2022

     It should be no surprise that my family does things a little differently. We don’t make a big to-do about Valentine’s Day and some of the other Hallmark Holidays. Instead, we celebrate half birthdays, birthdays of favorite celebrities (the late-great Betty White), and Star Wars Day. Yes, on May the 4th (May the fourth “force” be with you) we watch a Star Wars movie, or make Darth Vader waffles, or decorate with some Star Wars decorations. It’s a little different, but we love it.

   Jesus loved a party too. His first miracle at the wedding in Cana was at a giant wedding celebration where he filled cleansing vats with water and turned the water into wine.  According to the headwaiter, it was the finest of all the wine. Jesus dined with sinners and outcasts. He feasted with tax collectors and disciples. Jesus loved a good celebration.

   Weddings are kicking off all around; summer festivities and holidays are being planned. It is a joyous time in the life of so many of us. I pray that you are all able to take some time to celebrate this season. I hope that some event official or unofficial opportunity captures your attention and brings you delight. Be like Jesus and find time to celebrate.


        With love and gratitude,