November 2018


All Saints


According to Lives of the Saints ed. Rev. Hugo Hoever, S.O.Cist., PhD, every day of the year except Christmas, and some days during Holy Week, celebrate at least one Catholic saint. The Orthodox church and Coptic church have a different list of saints to honor. Some protestant denominations also recognize and honor saints. The practice of honoring martyrs and those prominent Christians who had passed away was an early occurrence. Each church and area had their own celebrations of local saints in early Christianity. It wasn’t until later that the church began canonizing saints and assigning days of celebration. Soon, however, there were more saints to celebrate than days in the year. So, “All Saints Day” was designated to celebrate all those Saints that didn’t have a day to celebrate.

All “Hollows Eve” became a Celtic celebration in which the dead Saints were thought to have one evening to walk the earth again. You can take it from there to understand our present celebration of Halloween.

Our protestant understanding is that all those who confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior are saints whether living or dead. But I think it is important to ask the question: “Who are the heroes of the faith?” Who were the Christian influences in your life? This is what it truly means to be a saint whether canonized or not. So, happy November 1 to all you saints of the Lord!