November 2019

Dear Friends,


Thank you for the warm welcome that you extended to my family on Installation Sunday! October 6th was a glorious day with incredible music in both services, moments of laughter, and a feeling of hope. I am so delighted to be working alongside you in ministry, and I know that God has a lot in store for our many years together.


I want to offer a special thanks to Preston for his service to this church. Preston has maintained a high level of pastoral care and calm during this time of transition. His door has been open to members, staff, and myself for care, guidance, and support. It is incredibly tough for pastors to release control, but Preston has handed the roles of visioning, planning, and leading to me with grace and love. Our church is better place because of Rev. Dr. Preston Smith.


I want to echo something that Preston has been sharing with me. As our church plans, works, and assesses- we cannot forget the spiritual element. Jesus is at work in this church and this community by the power of the Holy Spirit. Our responsibility is not to force fit our agenda onto God’s plan. Rather, our responsibility is to discover together what  amazing things God has in store. I am excited to join in that mission with you!


God bless you this month as the weather (hopefully) continues to cool and the preparations for the holidays commence.

                                                                             Grace and Peace,