February 2017

This past Monday we resumed our Brown Bag Bible Study on Mondays at noon. Our format is changing again, this time looking much more like it has in years past. For now, we will be studying the scripture passages that will be used in worship on the following Sunday. Generally, whichever pastor is preaching will lead the discussion. My hope is that our time together will add depth, context, and understanding when we worship on Sundays. Selfishly, I’m also looking forward to hearing what you all have to say about the text so that I can share your insights with the congregation in my sermon!

I’ve found myself drawn toward the Sermon on the Mount recently, which is the lectionary gospel text for the coming weeks. Most likely we’ll spend a good amount of time reading and exploring what Jesus had to say in these few chapters from Matthew’s Gospel, and what he still has to say to us today. Whether you’ve read through the Bible cover to cover every year, or you only pick it up on occasion, I promise you’ll have something to contribute and you’ll have something to learn.

I hope that if you have Mondays at noon free, you will join us for fellowship, food, and study.